What IS pet insurance?

It is just what it sounds like! A majority of people have insurance for their own health care coverages. Why not cover your pet? We often here feedback like “why is vet care so expensive?” or “why is my dog’s dental more expensive than my own?” and the answer is simple—insurance! When you go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, chances are you are only paying a small co/pay for that procedure thanks to your insurance, but realistically it is costing hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. I once heard the pet people discussing that only about 2% of pets in the United States are insured. That’s crazy, right Ravioli?!

Pet insurance coverage varies dependent on which company you choose, but they typically cover things like: unexpected illness, unexpected accidents, surgery, medication, testing diagnostics, etc. There are TONS of pet insurance options out there. Ravioli and I encourage you to do your own research and find a company that best fits the needs of you and your pet. Our favorite company to work with is Trupanion! Although our hospital staff doesn’t necessarily get any monetary benefits from referring to them, they do get a piece of mind that your pet is going to be taken care of regardless of financial constraints. Trupanion allows us to send you home with a FREE exam day offer, which gives you a no obligation, trial run of their insurance for 30 days. While we wish we could run down exactly what they cover and how much it costs, Ravioli and I are not trained insurance salesmen (although I think we’d look pretty good in a suit and tie). Reach out to Trupanion directly to learn more!

Is pet insurance really worth it?

Life loves to throw us curveballs and it’s always better to be prepared. Pet insurance is best suited for puppies and kittens or pets under 3, but ALL PETS CAN BE COVERED. Younger pets will obviously get the most out of their benefits, because there are less pre-existing conditions early on. Here’s a story we heard from one of our own front desk helpers:

“Working at a clinic, I always knew about pet insurance and kept telling myself it was a good idea, but my cats were still very young so I kept putting it off. This year, I came in with both of my kitties for their annual routine visits. My first cat checked out great, she’s about a year old, heart sounded great. Everything looked healthy. She got her vaccines and then it was her sister’s turn. My other cat is also under 2, as the doctor is doing her exam, she finds a very severe heart murmur that had not been heard 6 months prior. After I spent hundreds on additional testing to figure out exactly what was going on, she got the diagnosis of heart failure. We are going to proceed with treatment, but I wish I hadn’t put pet insurance off, because this could’ve been covered. Instead of trying to navigate the emotional factor of her diagnosis while figuring out the financial aspect, I could’ve only had to pay 10% of the cost of her testing and treatment.”

As clinic cats, we hate to see owners have to struggle and decide whether or not they think they can afford the treatment their pet needs. Unexpected things can be expensive. Pet insurance gives us the peace of mind knowing that owners don’t have to worry about their pets, or how to cover the cost of treatment. As we have said, Trupanion is one of our favorites to work with and we’ll be sure to list some information about them below, but we really only care that your pet is covered by someone. Research, call around, and find a plan that best suits you!

Phone: (855) 491-3021
Website: www.trupanion.com


Introducing: Instagram

Hi, friends! Ravioli here. Bruschetta has done enough typing for today. I wanted to write a little bit about our new Instagram account and a fun contest we have going on! We are hosting an “Ugly Sweater Contest”! Between now (December 1, 2021) and December 22, 2021, bring your pet to their appointment dressed in a sweater! We’ll snap a quick picture of them and post to our Instagram where voting will be held between December 22, 2021 and December 29, 2021. The picture with the most “likes” will be announced the winner on December 30, 2021. The winner will get $100 towards vet care at any of our 4 locations! The winner must be following us on Facebook and Instagram to be eligible. May the “cutest” pet win!