COVID-2019 Update

March 19, 2020 COVID-19 Update as it pertains to our clinic: While we all are affected by the many restrictions, limitations and changes to our normal everyday life due to the pandemic with COVID-19, this is also affecting the veterinary medical profession. Amid all the guidelines and recommendations that we are all having to abide [...]

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7 Reasons to Continue Year-Round Parasite Prevention

Though it may be tempting, you should think twice before stowing your pet’s parasite preventives away for the winter. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), all pets should receive year-round preventive medication that is effective against fleas, heartworm, and intestinal parasites. You may think the cooler temps would keep bothersome bugs at bay, [...]

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Heartworm Disease: Dangerous, But Preventable

Late summer is prime mosquito season, and that means your pet can contract deadly heartworm disease if you don’t protect her. According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, Ohio veterinarians diagnosed heartworm disease in more than 2,500 dogs and 1,500 cats in 2018. In other words, more than 4,000 Ohio pets contracted this preventable disease [...]

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